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Check out all of my available courses below! 

I offer a range of courses that suite everyone's needs! 


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The Singer Mastermind is currently a live course designed to give you a 360 degree look at your instrument. You'll learn everything from vocal terminology, to tangible steps for improving your own singing. The class culminates with a live masterclass where you'll have the opportunity to be coached on a song of your choice.

Doors are currently closed, but join the wait list to get in next time. Check out the info page below to learn more about this class!


Your vocal health is the key to your success as a singer.

Wouldn't it be great to have a seasoned voice professional walk you through a step by step plan for caring for you voice? That's exactly what you'll get in this vocal health course. Learn proven tips to care for your instrument and notice the difference in your vocal quality immediately!


Want to learn more about your mix belt? Want to get 1-1 coaching at a fraction of the price? This is your perfect opportunity.

This masterclass is perfect for singers interested in musical theatre, pop/rock and other contemporary styles.

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