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Have you been hesitant to start one on one voice lessons? Do you have vocal questions you need answered? Wouldn't it be great to have the support of your peers in a group setting, while getting guidance from a top vocal expert? Now's your chance!


Master Class


Meet Rachel, Your New Voice Teacher

Rachel has over 20 years of singing experience, and she brings her unique set up experiences to the table as your coach. From two vocal performance degrees, to professional musical theatre gigs and beyond, Rachel has learned from the top industry professionals across a multitude of genres. Her tips will benefit singers of all ages, genres and experience levels. Are you ready to level up?!


About the Class

      4 week LIVE course


      Professional voice teacher

      Personalized attention

      Limited number of slots


      Unlimited replays


Use Code "SOCIALDISCOUNT" for $200 OFF. 

Expires at 11:59PM on 2/24/2022

$1997 Value

Full Price: $497

Your Price: $297


This course is incredibly informative for both beginners and seasoned singers alike! As an adult who has been singing for over 20 years, I appreciate the vocal health reminders in addition to the new ideas and techniques that Rachel presents. Through this course, singers will receive the necessary tools to begin or reinvigorate their daily and weekly vocal maintenance routines!

Megan H | Student

This course came out at the perfect time for me as a high schooler just learning to navigate vocal health and look more into it, and each video was informative and insightful. Having Rachel as my private vocal coach and taking many of these suggestions she’s given me, I’ve noticed an immediate improvement in my voice and overall health. It’s important for every singer to know about vocal health to prevent any future damage, and these videos are the perfect way to start learning!

Sophie S | Student

Example Curriculum

      Week 1: Explore your voices unique capabilities 


      Week 2: Vocal health reboot: learn to care for your voice in all circumstances


      Week 3: Tangible steps to improve your voice, learn what exercises you should be using


      Week 4: Live singing masterclass & 1 on 1 coaching

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What You'll Learn

Vocal Health

Caring for your voice is an essential part of being a singer! Rachel will help you to navigate your vocal health during both the best and worst of times (because, let's face it, losing our voice is NO fun!)


Do you know what warmups you should be using? There is SO much information out there. Rachel will help you to tailor your exercise routine to your personal circumstances.

Your Voice

Your voice is unique! Embrace it!! Every singer comes with a unique set of strengths, and things they want to improve upon. Learn to use your strengths to your advantage, and start to make tangible steps to strengthen the other parts of your voice.

Self Talk

80% (or more!) of singing is mental! Learn how to get out of your own way, and tackle your negative self talk head on. Your voice deserves to be heard, and I want to help you to see that <3


Technique is the foundation of what we do as singers. Learn both basic and advanced singing techniques, beginning with the breath, and moving from there.

Moving Forward

I want you to leave this course feeling confident in your instrument & your abilities! You will have lifetime access to the lessons in this course that you can refer back to at any time. I can't wait to see where you go next!


Use Code "SOCIALDISCOUNT" for $200 OFF. 

Expires at 11:59PM on 2/24/2022

$1997 Value

Full Price: $497

Your Price: $297

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