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My Story

I'm Rachel! I’m a musical theatre lover... turned opera singer and pianist... turned music director and teacher… and now I do a little bit of everything!

I am passionate about melding my love of musical theatre with my academic pedagogy background, and ultimately helping YOU to find your voice.



My love for music began at a very young age. At 3 years old my mom & I would frequent “mommy and me” music classes, and I seemed to thrive there! I was so fortunate to have parents that fostered my love for music. Not too long after, I enrolled in violin at school, the Baltimore County Children’s Chorus, plus piano and singing lessons. Music always clicked for me and all of the musical activities I was a part of really helped my skills to grow.


I was fortunate to have incredible role models and teachers during my high school years. They encouraged me to pursue my passions, which led to me picking up work at some local theatres and starting a mini music studio at the age of 16. With the guidance of my mentors, I decided to pursue a bachelors of music degree at James Madison University.


While at JMU I immersed myself in the vocal performance, piano and musical theatre programs. From my first semester I knew I wanted to get involved with the mainstage musical, and I was fortunate to eventually become hired as a staff musical theatre pianist and assistant music director. As I accompanied hundreds of hours of lessons for singers in the theatre and music departments, I picked up valuable knowledge from dozens of vocal experts. This melting pot of knowledge is the foundation I use for all of my vocal coachings today.


Post college I immediately began teaching private voice and piano, and decided that graduate school was the next step on my journey. Over the next two years I earned my masters of vocal performance and pedagogy from the Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute, all while maintaining a private studio.


Post graduation, I had a moment to myself where I thought… now what? Teaching 40 hours a week didn’t seem sustainable, and it left me with very little time for the other activities I love. Fast forward to a post pandemic world, and things look just a little bit different! Virtual lessons, YouTube channel, TikTok page, musical theatre direction and pits and a whole lot more. My business is constantly changing and evolving but I pride myself in staying unique while NEVER staying stagnant. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that my business will continue to grow with the times. Thank you for taking the time to become a part of my musical journey!

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